Featured Image Credits: Photography by Ryan Goh for The Glamour Co.

A few weeks ago, Aileen told us what her favourite bridal beauty and skincare products are.

This week, it’s my turn! Here are my top 3 go-tos that ensures my brides have that fresh radiant glow on their big day:

1) Avene Facial Spray

Avene Facial Spray – Credits: Photography by Ryan Goh for The Glamour Co

Facial mists are great for adding a quick boost of hydration to the skin and are a great pick-me-up in the middle of the day when our skin looks tired. I particularly like the Avene Facial Spray for its skin soothing qualities and it is suitable for brides with normal to sensitive skin. I  usually apply a generous amount of the product on my clients’  faces with cotton pads for a good 10-15mins.I find that it helps to calm the skin down and reduce redness. It even works on puffy eyes! Using the same method but squeezing out the excess product, the mist helps constrict the vessels around the eyes, reducing the swell. No tell-tale sensitive skin and puffy eyes for my brides!

2) MAC Pro Longwear Concealer

Mac Pro Longwear Concealer – Credits: Photography by Ryan Goh for The Glamour Co

As its name suggests, this concealer has great longevity and is fantastic for keeping pesky blemishes hidden all day. Sometimes, if I feel that a bride needs more coverage, I add a couple of drops of the concealer into the foundation. Thanks to its lightweight consistency, the result is flawless but still natural looking skin.

3) Nars Pro-Prime Eyeshadow Primer

Nars Pro-Prime Eyeshadow Primer – Credits: Photography by Ryan Goh for The Glamour Co

Eyeshadow primer is a God-send to every woman and there’s no easier way to have budge-proof eye makeup. Of all the eyeshadow primers available, the Nars Pro-Prime Eyeshadow Primer is my favourite. It reinforces eye makeup very well and takes away all worry of creasing and smudging, even for the oiliest eyelids!

Glamourously yours,


Hair and Makeup Stylist, The Glamour Co.