Featured Image Credits: Tropical Pop, Photography by Androids in Boots, Hair Makeup & Grooming by The Glamour Co.

Men may often feel left out whenever they see their wife or girlfriend get ready to take on the day. Afterall, us women have a hundred products laid out on our vanities and our men have a tub of hair wax at the sink. However, just like us, men have a responsibility to look presentable too.

As a professional who often does corporate and wedding grooming for men, here are some tips from me to you, to pass on to the men in your life (because face it, they’re not going to read grooming articles):

1.Trim those Brows

I personally love thick brows on men. I think that they look masculine and are flattering to a man’s face.Sometimes, those brows are unkempt and overgrown. This results in a unibrow effect or messy caterpillar brows which never, ever look polished. I would recommend getting them trimmed professionally but who am I kidding? Men would never agree to that. And I have yet to meet a man who will suffer more than 2 minutes with his partner tweezing his brows. Luckily, they do make hair removal cream for facial use and that can be an effective way of painless “manscaping”. Just remember to apply the cream carefully and sparingly.

2. Find the Right Hair Products

Us girls know the importance of finding the right hair products. Some can be too greasy, some are practically impossible to wash out… We know that taking care of our hair and scalp is essential to prevent problems like hair loss and dandruff but do the boys? Most guys have been using the same brand of hair wax since their teens, and  there’s a pretty slim chance they’ll change it, even if it is too greasy for them. A great way to take care of your man’s scalp health is to add a bottle of extra cleansing shampoo to the bathroom and make sure they use it about 3 times a week ensuring that their scalp is thoroughly cleansed of product residue and they do not develop dandruff from clogged hair follicles, reducing and preventing hair loss. Be sure to place emphasis on the preventing hair loss bit, that is a sure fire way to get them to listen!

3. Use an Appropriate Facial Wash

Men think that it is totally fine to use body soap to wash their faces. This leads to the skin on the face drying out as facial skin is more sensitive and fragile than that on our bodies. Using gentler cleanser made for facial use prevents the oily yet flakey skin many guys have. It helps to maintain smoother skin, reduces sensitivity and lets every man feel fresh. There are many choices in the market, so be prepared to go through some trial and error with your man before he finds the right one.

Glamourously yours,


Founder, The Glamour Co.