Eyelashes can make or break our appearance. This fact is sad, but unfortunately true. Too little and our eyes look listless, too much and we look constantly surprised. For those of us who were not bestowed at birth with perfect eyelashes, there are, fortunately, ways for us to enhance the eyelashes we have.

Eyelash extensions have been an option for some time, and with the right technician, many of my clients feel that they achieve better results, and are more comfortable and fuss free than applying false eyelashes.

The question is, are eyelash extensions something you should consider for your big day?

Here are 3 things for you to  think about while making your decision:


  • You have to take care of them

You might be able to skip mascara and they may be more comfortable than wearing false lashes, but they require diligent maintenance. To keep extensions free of sebum and gunk, it is important to wash them regularly with a baby shampoo and comb through with a lash brush. Also, remember not to get an oil-based cleanser anywhere near them as that would ruin the adhesive. And of course, always be gentle and do not tug at the extensions, or they will  fall out. Perhaps not a good idea for  chronic eye-rubbers like me.


  • The extensions do not shed at the same time

Eyelash extensions are adhered to your natural lashes. When you naturally shed eyelashes, the extensions come off with it. This  could lead to patchy eyelashes. It probably wouldn’t bother you much on a regular  day, but would you feel the same way if this happened on your wedding day? .


  • They can be pricey

It is  common for eyelash extensions done by qualified technicians to cost upwards of $100. This does not  include the cost of ‘touch-ups’ when your lashes inevitably start to look  patchy. A pair of false eyelashes cost much less and do not require that much time to put on.

In my experience as  a makeup artist, I do not recommend eyelash extensions, if you are thinking of getting them specifically for your wedding, particularly so if you have never gotten them done before. There are just too many variables for you to deal with and may add to your stress.  

False eyelashes need no maintenance and hold up much better. You can also try out different looks and see which fits best. And contrary to popular belief, it is very possible to make false eyelashes look natural.

Glamourously yours,


Founder, The Glamour Co.